BHRA - VIPs Then and Now

Here is a listing of some of BHRA's more famous friends. 

They are listed in reverse chronological order (newest friends to people we met long ago).  
Michael Bloomberg, (on left), Mayor of New York City 

Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President (on left)

Williamson Henderson,

Founder and President of STONEWALL Veterans' Association (S.V.A.)

Chet Burger

Chet Burger, is a pioneer of modern public relations and television journalism.

Chet recently released a new book on little-known NYC history, title Unexpected New York.   Bob Diamond is the only living person cited in the book.

Here is a PDF of the first few pages of Unexpected New York (w/ a letter from the author).    

Ralph Schoenstein

a humorist who was a commentator on National Public Radio, an author of 18 books and a contributor to magazines and newspapers.

The Op-Ed article to the right was published in the NY Daily News on 3-31, 2002

Stan Fischler (far right),

Sportscaster and author of "Confessions of a Trolley Dodger from Brooklyn "

G.J.A. O'Toole

A prolific writer, having produced numerous books and magazines articles.  O'Toole's book on the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, "The Cosgrove Report", inspired Bob Diamond to search for the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel in 1979. 

"The author of the Cosgrove Report, the book that sparked Bob Diamond's interest in the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel back in 1979, was in fact a real life "Spy Master", and was also the CIA's resident expert on U.S. Civil War era espionage. After he passed away, Mr. O'Toole's former job title appeared on the website of his former publisher. His book on Civil War era espionage is on the CIA's recommended reading list".

 Click here for:  References To The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel As Written In The Cosgrove Report, The Book That Inspired Bob Diamond To Track Down The Tunnel Back In 1979

Pictures of G.J.A. O'Toole don't seem to exist.  But here are some links to additional information on G.J.A. O'Toole from the following websites:

The CIA Website

W. W. Norton Co.


James R. Schlesinger

Bob Diamond Meets With James R. Schlesinger, Secretary, U.S. Dept Of Energy, 1978. Schlesinger Congratulated Bob on winning this Science Fair

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