Some of the Comments posted on the "Petition to Restore the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel Tours"
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Eric Domander - Toronto, Canada
o As a historical railway enthusiast I was planning to come to NYC to tour the tunnel in June 2012 but on further investigation, realize that the DOT has spoiled the trip. Shame that the loss goes to the tour operator, hotels ( 2-3 nights), restaurants, and other vendors in NYC. SHAME on the DOT for their illegal activities ! I sincerely hope that they are exposed in court ! Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Diamond !
Rob Rea
o Please keep this tour going, it's the only reason I come to NYC!
Etta-Lee Heiman
o Restore the right to conduct the tours of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. All people on the tours are informed of the rules, the restrictions, and the 'dangers'. It is not a death trap. It was found by Mr. Diamond who against all odds wouldn't accept "NO" as an answer. We who sign this petition are not accepting your "NO".
o Address
o Staten Island, NY
Paul Raitano
o 30+ years of operating the tour with no incidents! Why shut it down now for NO REASON?
John R. Overall
o I've been on the tour, coming from NJ, with a number of friends. It was FUN!! and informative. PLease allow them to resume. I know a number of people who want to go. And allow National Geographic to film a program about the tunnel.
o Address
o 71 Monticello Ave. Newark, NJ 07106
Matthew Akin
o History like this needs to be preserved, not repressed So i fully support the restoration of the Atlantic tunnel tours and its related ventures. This is an integral part of history for NYC and our state and deserves to be protected and cherished by the residents of New york City, and the rest of New york State as well. - Respectfully -M.A
o Was there for a tour a few years ago. Had a great experience. Others need to see this!
Mark Goldstein
o If the city thinks it is unsafe then the city should make it safe. Perhaps our beloved Borough President Mr.Marty Moskowitz can convince his friend, and financier Mr. Rattner to make a tax deductible investment in the restoration and preservation of an important facet of our nation's heritage.
o Address
o 126 South 8th St. Brooklyn
Charles DeMartini
o The closing of the tunnel is absurd!! The tunnel, along with the original City Hall Station are a part of history. The City of New York and the Federal government has a duty to the people. Everything necessary to preserve these structures should be done. Such works deserve appreciation just as a Rembrandt or a Picaso. Why hide them from them public??
o REALLY?? Just discovered this on a list of cool things to do in NYC and gutted to find out it's not running. Does no-one have any imagination any more?
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o Redding, CT. Originally from Staffordshire, UK.
Dev Devaya
o As an outsider, working 3,500 miles from NYC, I cannot criticize, but am sad that Bob Diamonds life-work highlighting a piece of American history has been snatched away. We had planned to visit the Tunnel in November 2010 and had emailed Bob last August for reservations but our vacation had to be postponed. We are now scheduled to visit our daughter this May. With fingers crossed and flashlights packed, I pray that sanity will prevail.
o Address
o Muscat, Oman
John O'Connell
o city politics needs to stay out of stopping streetcars and brooklyn history from being a reality
o i want to go on the tour and you are stopping me. if it wasnt safe there would have been an incident in the last 30 years!
Connie Campos
o I am a resident of Brooklyn and would love to bring more tourism to this borough. There is so much to appreciate here but for me the most interesting was the tunnel. Its educational, historic, eye-opening, and extremely interesting. The standards are unfairly enforced in this instance. This is the time when the city's pledged support of restoration must stand by their word and try to help. If safety is an issue and stand by and try to get it fixed. If this is truly deemed an unfair claim then redeem it. Too easy.
o Address
o Franklin Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238
James Bernardo
o I think it should be re-opened and the DOT should put their hands in someone elses pocket. The Goverment always has to mess up a good thing and get into it someway, they just can not leave a good thing alone.Well enough of that whats undersood does not need to be discussed.
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o Hauppauge, NY 11788
Lia Pugliese
o NYC gets boring after a while. It doesn't have neither the architectural gems nor the aesthetic beauty of the European cities or the mythical appeal of some middle eastern and oriental capitals. This tunnel certainly can contribute to make NY more interesting and I think nobody would be more fit than Mr Diamond to show the old tunnel mysteries to the world.
Bryan Ortiz
o The Atlantic Ave tunnel tours are a vital importance to brooklyn's already great history. By not reopening it you are spitting in the face of brooklyn!
o I have been on this tour and I found it exciting and educational. It is a piece of New York history that should be cherished and shared with all New Yorkers. Bob Diamond was an inspiration for his hard work in never giving up discovering the tunnel, even after so many people told him no. Hearing his first hand account of the entire process was almost as good as the tour itself. Whoever shut this down should be ashamed to call themselves a New Yorker.
o Address
o Astoria, NY 11102
Lucia Prepelicova
o I was looking forward to visiting this tour in the summer 2011 and am very saddened that now it is no longer a possibility. I have been looking forward to this tour for over a year now.
Herbert Wasserman
o The tunnel is a part of history; it belongs to the people not DOT's special interests
o Address
o 825 Ocean Pkwy-11230
Glenn Young
o If the tunnel is sound, show it off! Open the original portals to make it easier to give tours of!
Dylan Lambert
o i'll say this, the tunnel can be reopened. there's more that one entrance that go into the tunnel. the fact that DOT wont let those other entrances be opened is ridiculous. and what is there for a fire hazard? there isn't anything down there that will catch fire
Neal Ludevig
o This is ridiculous this is one of the greatest experience I've had in NYC
o Address
o 526 west 123rd street, ny ny 10027
Marisa Rospos
o I am outraged that these tours have been shut down
o Address
o New York, NY 10025
Lisa Tinney
o This is a historic landmark, being found and taken care of by Bob for 30+ yrs. Leave it open and allow us to learn and follow our country's history.
Brittany Clark
o This is a historic landmark with great value to the community. I have been on this tour twice, completely without incident I might add, once as a part of an NYC meetup group that goes on lots of tours (this being one of the more informative) and once with my visiting father. It is a true treasure to view this kind of history up close. Preventing citizens from experience their history in this manner is shameful.
o Address
o 2302 29th Ave. Apt 3F, Astoria NY
James Coakley
o Are we going to sit back and allow another piece of history to be lost....again what about the younger generations they will never experiance these special things if we do not allow them to. My children have never been to the top of the statue of liberty...why?? Because we will not allow it, its to unsafe. Its just sad what happened to freedom in this country
Jeremy Bowman
o This is a shame for this to be closed. It's a treasure of New York history, and exemplary of what makes the city such a great place.
Jason Orlic
o A treasured gem of history that should be shared!

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