BHRA Staff Bio's & Contact Information 
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Bob Diamond
President, Chairman, General Manager, Materials Officer

Brian Kassel
Vice-President (Design, Planning, Construction, Website, Event Organizer).

Greg Castillo
Vice-President (Implementation and Quality Control Assurance)

Dylan Cepeda
Director of Outreach and research editor

Raymond Howell
Project Coordinator

Bios and more info about our staff:

BHRA Construction Pic
Above: Bob Diamond (3rd from left), Brian Kassel (2nd from right) and BHRA Construction Crew

BHRA is not only an advocate group and historical resource - we are also certified (by the State of New York) to design and build electric railways. We specialize in Streetcar systems. 

Bob Diamond founded BHRA in the 1980s and since then has been a tireless advocate for sensible and efficient rail projects in the New York area.  Diamond's areas of expertise are: modern and historic streetcar systems, urban and rail transit history, tunnel construction and electric railway technology. Bob Diamond studied electrical engineering at Pratt Institute. 

Gregory Castillo joined BHRA in the 1990s.  Greg's areas of expertise are heavy equipment  operation, construction management and electric railway construction.  Greg studied sculpture and art history at Pratt Institute

Brian Kassel joined BHRA in 2001. Brian's areas of expertise are urban planning, urban design, construction, railway route planning, educational outreach and cartography. Brian has co-written (with Bob Diamond) BHRA's online materials from 2001 through the present.  Brian is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo's school of Architecture and Planning.  Brian also is a graduate of NYU & Virginia Tech.  Brian is continuing his doctoral studies at Columbia University.

Raymond Howell has worked with BHRA for several years helping with our advocacy for a Brooklyn-Queens streetcar project.  Raymond is a graduate of the US Naval Academy.

Dylan Cepeda has spent the past few years assisting Bob with the publication of several books.  He has also assisted BHRA to grow into an organization that is engaged not only in Brooklyn, but in the other boroughs of New York as well.  Dylan is a graduate of Fordam  University.

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