Historical Images of Brooklyn

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Cable car system under construction. Union Square, Manhattan, c. 1880s.


The cable house.

Illustration explaining how cable cars work.



Early horsecar line.

An "experiment" using men instead of horse teams.

Back at the "shops" where the "power" was "maintained" for horsecar lines.

A humorous illustration of a Victorian rush hour.

Trolley Station and passenger boarding island in Downtown Brooklyn.

  A boarding island in Los Angeles, similar to Brooklyn.
Brooklyn's First Trolley Car, this car ran on the Coney Island Avenue line, Brooklyn's first electrified "trolley" line (1890) A Late 19th century open car
A single-truck car, similar to BHRA Car No.3, c. 1890s. Brooklyn Rapid Transit Co. #458 on 5th Ave. at 59th Street, Brooklyn 1910
Brooklyn Queens Transit #768 on the Hamilton Ave. Line, picture taken Sept. 1935 Brooklyn Queens Transit #1117

Brooklyn and Queens Transit 2000 series car - BQT Car No.2504 on the Sumner Ave Line Article from the L.I. Star Journal (Feb 13, 1946) on the removal of trolleys from the streets of Brooklyn and Queens
Brooklyn and Queens Transit 6000 series car - BQT Car No.6045 on the Nostrand Ave Line BQT Car No.6064 on the Ridgewood Line
Brooklyn and Queens Transit 8000 series car (the "Peter Witt") BQT Car No.8149 Ocean Ave Line BQT Car No.8292
BQT Car No.8479 Brooklyn and Queens Transit Car No.8525 on Rail Fan Trip, Williamsburg Bridge Plaza
 Brooklyn and Queens Transit PCC Car No.1019 and Peter Witt Style Cars in downtown Brooklyn Brooklyn, c. 1940s.
Brooklyn Queens Transit Bus #1472, The First Bus to Replace a Trolley  (Flushing-Ridgewood Line) Boarding Island - Brooklyn- Livingston / Bond Streets

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